Cigars and Pipes

We offer a large variety of cigars and cigar accessories for the connoisseur cigar smoker. The cigars that we offer are from Cuba, Nicaragua, Belgium, Dominican Republic and Honduras. These are all premium quality handmade cigars made in the Cigar Capitals of the world.

We stock cigar humidors for storing your precious cigars and supply the other cigar accessories to further increase your smoking pleasure such as quality cigar lighters, cigar cutters and ashtrays.


We offer a large variety of pipe tobaccos, from the normal branded pipe tobaccos to a variety of house blend tobaccos. The pipes that we stock are all quality handmade pipes from briar wood as well as African hard woods. Our pipes are from Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria and South Africa. We stock all the accessories required for pipe smoking needs such as pipe tools and reamers, pipe pouches, pipe cleaners and many more.


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